Monday, 24 June 2019


On Friday the 21st my class went kayaking it was fun because we learnt and experienced new things like floating, how to get across a river, what you do when your about to drown and many more. At the same time though it was scary because I felt like I was going to fall out of the boat and when we were swimming I felt like I was going to drown.
I learnt how to cross a dangerous river and also learnt how to swim when in a dangerous situation.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Graphics Class

Today at tech I went to graphics class. I was excited, but first we had to get into partners before we began. I was with Joanlisi and we actually had a great time working together and experiencing different thing's we have never done before. Mrs Ferguson gave us a paper and pencil.

This is what we had to do first, fold your paper 4 times each then you get 4 empty squares. What you have to do is write design ideas on the top.

You then write in each square 1 idea, 2 idea, 3 idea, and 4 idea. The meaning of this is we had to create type's of game's. I had fun because I came up with lot's, my first one I had made was tik tak toe, the original game but it was different because the pieces were emoji's. One was miracle emoji and the second was love heart eyes.

Another game I made was jenga the game most people know but it's just different because you have to try and stack the donuts and make sure that they don't fall down.

Monday, 17 June 2019

My Weekend!

On Saturday in the weekends I had a rugby game, I had so much fun because I got 2 tries and 10 rips. During the game it was so hot and I was extremely tired but I still tried my best. My team won against Papatoetoe girls. Before the game I thought that they wouldn't be that good. I guess I was wrong because they were fast, tall and furious to play with but at the end my team still won. I love playing rippa rugby.

The next day on Sunday I went church with my family. I enjoy going to church because I love learning about God and Jesus. At church I have 3 classes and I'm in youth which is for age 11 - 16.  When church was finished me and my family went home and ate food. Church starts at 9:00am and finishes at 12:00pm. This is what I did in my weekends.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

School Assembly

On Monday the 10th of June we had a school assembly. Room 7 was hosting the assembly and they did a very good job. I was proud of myself because I had earned a certificate for very good participation in group activities. At assembly we also sang a song called, Wishy Washy which was very childish but also funny. I love having assembly especially when I earn a certificate or a Duffy book.